The Price of your safety deposit box will depend on the size and the amount of time that you would like to rent it out for. for example if you would like to rent out a standard A1 deposit box, 1 year term will cost £130 but to rent it out for 2 years it will only cost £115 per year including VAT.

All prices include VAT.


For customers who hire a box for 4 years, ( applies to box sizes A2 A3 & A4 only) paid in advance, we can offer the following:

Extra one year hire free of cost.


One time registration fee: £85

Fee to change nominee: £40

Unlimited visits allowed

All prices include Value Added tax.


To open an account and get access to a safety deposit box you will be required to provide the following:
1 Picture proof of identity – Passport or drivers licence
2 Proof of address – current household bill (gas, electricity, water or council tax) current bank statement or credit card statement.

Please note any proof of address needs to be:
a. Original.
b. No more than 3 months old.