Safe Deposit Box FAQs

What can I put in my safety deposit box?

You can put pretty much anything in the safety deposit box, as long as the box can fully close afterwards. A safety deposit box is usually used to store any important documents such as your birth certificate, passport, marriage licence or even stocks can be kept in a safety deposit box. You can also store precious valuables such as family heirlooms, jewellery, historical documents or even Gold.

How do I open a safe deposit box?

To open or order a safe deposit box contact us at 0121 771 1002 or come in and ask for a safety deposit box Here.

To open an account and get access to a safety deposit box you will be required to provide the following:

1   Picture proof of identity – Passport or drivers licence

2   Proof of address – current household bill (gas, electricity, water or council tax) current bank statement or credit card statement.

Please note any proof of address needs to be:

a. Original.

b. No more than 3 months old.

3. A key deposit of £120 will be required on top of the box price when opening a contract. This is refundable providing the keys are not lost and handed over at the end of the contract.

How long will it take to get a safe deposit box?

Getting a safe deposit box is a very simple process. The majority of the time spent will be the time it takes for you to gather up all of your valuable items before coming here. After you have collected them, visit the business and we will give you a contact to sign and then you will receive your keys and safety deposit box.

how much will a safety deposit box cost me?

The cost of a safety deposit box will depend on the size of the box and also the amount of time you would like to be storing those valuables. to find out our full list of pricing, click on the “Pricing” tab on the top right of the screen.

What happens if I loose my Keys?

In the event that you loose your Safety deposit box keys then you should immediately contact us and allow us to make sure that your box if safe and secure. If you still have one key then you can come to the bank and give it as proof. after this you will have to call a locksmith to open the box whilst in your presence . you will have to then get the lock changed with a new set of keys, you will have to pay for the locksmith yourself.