Safety is Midland Safe Deposit’s highest priority but just in case of a problem we are pleased to offer an all risks contents insurance for you.

To ensure your possessions are fully insured in our safe deposit boxes please note the following

  • Keep regular photographs and obtain up-to-date valuations of all your valuables stored in our safe deposit boxes, as well as copies of any documents enclosed.
  • We are unable to provide any advice or recommend the amount of insurance cover that is required.
  • We accept no responsibility of liability for the amount of insurance cover applied for.
  • We reserve the right to accept a request for insurance cover.

Please contact us for the full insurance terms and conditions.

We offer a unique Service that most safe deposit boxes do not offer.
As most companies can only offer a basic insurance of £ 10,000 to £25,000 per box, We can offer a much higher amount of insurance, please note, only jewellery can be insured.

The Prices are:

£ 25,000 cover  costs £45

£ 35,000 cover costs £65

£ 50,000 cover costs £120