Midlands Safety Deposit boxes

Secure storage of things most precious

In our safety deposit boxes

Put your security in our hands

We will make sure to take the uptmost care when
storing your valuables

Midland Safe Deposits

We will make sure to look after your valuables with the utmost care, making sure that the items are Safe and Secure.

Our security

has been approved by Lloyds of London Insurance. Customers are issued with an ID card. Fingerprint technology is used to gain access to the vault.

Insurance cover

is provided by Lloyds of London. Prices from £ 45 for £ 25,000 cover. Maximum cover of £ 50,000 per box.

Photographic Valuations

on site ( up to a total value of £35,000 free of cost) offered for Boxes A2, A3 & A4 for box hire of a minimum of 4 years. We provide updates on the valuation every 5 years.

Multiple size lockers


Private viewing room

Unlimited Visits

Access your locker as many times as you need at no extra cost.